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Custom Cabinet Drawers - ​This kitchen had beautiful end cabinets on each side of the stove, but reaching all the way back into the cabinet was difficult. Our client found this design idea. Instead of just cabinet doors that swing open, she wanted two drawers to keep cooking utensils and pans. We then custom built and fitted these into her existing cabinets, creating roll-out storage.

Decks and Stairs - ​Our client's house started with wrought-iron stairs coming from both sides of their enclosed sun room. They designed a new deck on one side and a new set of stairs with a landing for the other side, and has us build both.

Custom Cabinets - ​Another stunning design from one of our clients. The area was beautiful before we started but it wasn't exactly what our customer wanted. The "before" picture was taken a day or two into the project. In the after picture, you can see the gorgeous arches over the mantle and each side bookcase, complete with custom zia symbols designed by our customer - in addition to built-in lighting!

Custom Entertainment Center - ​This was another great design idea from a client. They started with a built-in wooden entertainment center, but had the idea to change it into a more modern-looking drywall and smoked glass one. We created the insets and the lighting, and also wired the center for the house's speakers and all cable, DVD, and TV wire to give a very polished look.

Before and After Pictures - Recent Projects

Below are some pictures of custom work we have done recently.

finished basement in Cherry Hills Village Colorado with custom cabinetry and custom doors
custom tub surround install in Denver Colorado tile with access bars

Living Rooms

In the evenings or on a nice Saturday afternoon, what could be better than relaxing on the couch enjoying a movie or book in the living room? Custom entertainment centers, built-in gas fireplaces, and just the right flooring help create the perfect setting for time spent alone or with family.


If you can dream it, we can build it.   


When we first purchase a home, it can sometimes feel like we will never have enough furniture to fill the entire place. After a few years (and maybe a few kids), the home that was once too large can begin to feel cramped. A quick way to capitalize on unused space is to finish a basement.


From simply carpeting floors and painting walls to fully finishing your basement, extra space can be found. Popular additions to basements are bathrooms, guest bedrooms, kids' play areas, wet bars, and even the famous "man cave". 


The master bathroom, once known as only a functional area of the house, is now often seen as a peaceful getaway - from large jacuzzi tubs with wall-mounted television sets, gas fire places, and heated floors to well-lit vanity areas and steam rooms, the master bathroom can now be used as a home getaway.  


Other bathrooms in the home are important, too. Crown molding gives a beautiful accent, while natural stone vanity tops provide elegance as well as functionality.


Trends change throughout the years, but one thing remains the same: the kitchen is the focal point of any house. If you are planning on renovating your home, consider starting with the kitchen. Something as small as repainting the walls, adding backsplash, or resurfacing cabinets can have a huge effect on the look of your kitchen.


If the smaller projects aren't giving you the look you want, consider new countertops, new flooring, or a full kitchen remodel.


Photo Gallery

Scroll through some of the pictures below to get ideas for your next home improvement project!