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Flooring possibilities are endless. The material you use should be high-quality as floors sustain the most wear of any material in your house.

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular substrates for flooring due to the price and the long life that can be obtained from proper care of the floor. They come in a wide variety of finishes, textures, and colors, and can be very customizable.  


Natural stone floors come at a higher price tag, but can have the most personality and can last longer than any flooring substrate. Using natural stone is usually preferable to using hardwood in areas with high water use, like kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.


Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring is another good option for high water usage areas of the house, but be careful that specific floor tiles are selected so these areas do not become slippery. This type of flooring is highly durable, but maintenance can be slightly higher due to grout.


Engineered wood floors are an alternative to hardwood. When first placed, they look very similar, but come at a much lower price. However, impeccable care must be taken to ensure these floors do not warp or become damaged. They cannot be resurfaced like hardwood as they are truly just a type of laminate rather than wood.


Laminates are very versatile and are often manufactured to look like natural stone or tile (or wood, as seen in the paragraph above). They can become scratched or warped, but portions can be replaced over time.


Vinyl flooring also comes in a wide range of colors. Its ease of manufacturing and ease of installation gives it the lowest price tag of all flooring types, but it must be replaced more often than the others.


Carpet can be found in almost any home. Its versatility regarding softness, color, patterns, and durability means that a consumer can find many uses throughout the home for it. Carpet is often used as the flooring for many basement finishes and for accents in living and dining rooms. Again, its ease of manufacturing and installation give carpet a low price tag.


Whether you are using cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, choosing the right material will add beauty and value to your home. See below for information on materials.


Wooden cabinets are the highest-end, most durable type of cabinets. They have the highest percentage of real hardwood in the cabinet. They come in many varieties, including cherry, alder, oak, ask, maple, mahogany, and pine, giving you a wide range of colors and feels for your project.


Engineered wood cabinets consist of particle board with hardwood facing and doors. They are more affordable than wood cabinets, and are much more common due to this. They come in just about any finish imaginable but are not likely to resist water very well or last as long as wood.


Metal utility cabinets are very sturdy and great for storage, making them a top choice for storage rooms, garages, work rooms and sheds. They are water resistant and come in a wide range of finishes and prices

Choosing the right material for your counter top is important. While price and color are often the first aspects of a counter top considered, consider some of the following attributes of each material. See below for information about each type of counter top:


Granite counters are a beautiful addition to any kitchen (or bathroom, for that matter). Customers love that they can wipe or scrape it clean, and that they can place hot pots directly onto the surface without scorching the material. Granite is a timeless, elegant option, but it comes with a higher price tag than other surfaces. This may pay off in the end, though - granite counter tops are cut from granite quarries in the mountains, so they last years and can stand the test of time.


Marble counters are similar to granite, but marble is a softer stone and is less porous, meaning that it can be polished to a higher sheen than other materials. The downside is that it is easier to scratch the surface, though it is still water and heat resistant.


Tile (Ceramic & Porcelain) counters can be very beautiful and customizable, and come with a lower price tag than natural stone counter tops. In addition, if a tile breaks or gets scratched, it can be replaced relatively easily. Cleaning can be fairly easy if the grout is sealed at least once per year.


Laminate counter tops are a popular option due to the very low cost of purchase. However, they scratch easily, stain easily, and do not last as long as other counter top options. If you are planning on adding value to your home, laminate may not be your best option.

Engineered Stone counters are a great alternate to natural stone and are available in a relatively consistent set of colors and varieties. Usually manufactured using quartz, this material is heat resistant and water resistant like natural stone and can come in either slab or tile. 


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At Azure, we believe that using the highest-end material for your home remodeling project is the foundation for the best result. While many materials are available through your local hardware store, some of the best must be purchased through industry-specific vendors.

We have spent years ensuring that our suppliers are the best in town, with the best selection and the best prices. Below is a list of our most commonly used suppliers. If you would like to purchase materials directly through them, please let us know and we can coordinate the appointment. 




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